Ballet Ballet
Ballet class begins at the barre and is followed by center floor work. Ballet students will learn to dance rhythmically with proper technique. A strong emphasis on coordination and correct extension of arms, legs, and placement of the body will be taught. Center work includes adagio (slow) work, simple pirouettes, and across the floor progressions in example, little and big jumps that travel across the floor. Ballet is a fun, beautiful, and traditional artform.
Pointe Pointe
This class is designed for level 3 ballet students and above. Pointe is also by invitation only. Once sufficient strength has been achieved in the student’s ankles and feet, her instructor will schedule a fitting for special shoes that will allow her to dance on full pointe (tip toes) during her ballet lessons. To be old enough (12 years and older) and accepted to the pointe class is a special honor for young girls and a testament to all of their hard work.
Modern Modern
In the early 1900’s dance pioneers began to rebel against the constraints of classical ballet and modern dance was born. Modern class is taken in barefeet and can be at times relaxed and other times quite vigorous but is always deeply rooted in feeling and emotion as interpreted by the instructor and students. DreamWeaver Dance Theatre offers modern classes in the Lester Horton and Martha Graham technique. A very popular class!


Tap– Like in school, tap students learn a graded syllabus 1-8. A regular class consists of barre, center work, across the floor progressions, and tricks and choreography based upon the students level. In tap class, rhythm is sounded out by tapping and hitting the floor in specific patterns with tap shoes. Tap shoes have metal taps attached to the toes and heels of the shoes to create percussive sounds with the feet. Tap classes are full of energy and fun!

Jazz– The art of jazz dance is exciting and ever evolving. The rhythms and the movements are explosive and expressive. This class is full of energy. Beginning with high impact aerobic warm ups/isolations and continuing into pirouettes (turns in center), and battments (kicks in the center) followed by across the floor work including leaps, jumps, turns, and finishing up with choreography/routines. Jazz is cool!

Lyrical Jazz– The softer side of jazz combines elements of ballet with jazz technique. Dancers explore their passionate side often dancing to pop ballads full of emotion and depth. The class time is often spent on extended across the floor and center choreography. Always a showstopper!

Hip Hop– Made popular on T.V. and in music videos Hip Hop dance allows students to let go and enjoy moving to music that they commonly listen to. There are many styles of Hip Hop and we offer a variety of different techniques. Classes include warm-up across the floor and choreography.

Contemporary-This class includes dance creation, experimentation, performance, discussion, and contact improvisation. Students are encouraged to explore the concepts of dance techniques and philosophies while challenging themselves mentally and physically. It’s a really cool class!